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Serving the Atlanta metropolitan area since 1983, Porter Steel, Inc. offers a wide range of steel construction services and fundamentally believes the customer comes first. Our dependable and determined workforce produces quality steel fabrications in a timely manner, laying the foundation for long-lasting relationships and creating friends in business. Today, Porter Steel, Inc. serves the Southeastern United States and is constantly striving to provide its customers with the best service possible. We achieve the goal by not subcontracting out any phase of your work. We have our own detailing, project management, fabrication, and erecting departments.

This keeps us in control of all phases of the work. It also allows us to quickly make changes and corrections. Each departments has clear responsibilities and are held accountable for their work. We are one team working together to get your job done safely, accuratly, and on time.

A few of our specialties include:

If you do not see your special need in the list above, please contact our offices to help us understand your particular situation. We are committed to providing our customers with quality workmanship, prompt service, and competitive prices.

  • Project Management

    The Porter Steel, Inc. project management team has an average of 10 years experience in the steel business and is willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. The project managers consistently spend most of their time at the job sites to ensure the proper completion of a given project. This department is the company's face to the construction world and they build relationships designed to last.

    A direct connection in the field is paramount to the proper erection of a structure, no matter the size. By using push-to-talk technology and cell phones, the project management team can contact the structural shop and detailing department from the job site and answer any question the erection crew may have.

    With this hands-on attitude, Porter Steel, Inc. provides support to the field and keeps the lines of communication open to the customer.


    Our in-house detailing department provides quick and easy access for the project managers, field crews and the shop. This allows for a faster turn-around time on the "file and field" drawings and when adjustments are necessary, a more direct line to the customer. The detailers are literally right next door to project management and are ready to help the project run smoothly. Communication is the key to this relationship because this is where details are determined and we get to the specifics of the idea.

    Using Tekla Structures, an advanced 3D modeling software, the detailing department takes architectural and structural drawings and transforms the 2D concept into a three-dimensional image. Modeling in 3D allows the detailer to see all views of a given part or connection, maximizing the accuracy of the structure before erection begins.

    An average of 15 years experience in drafting, manufacturing and erecting fields, gives Porter Steel, Inc. a qualified group of detailers to handle any size job.


    Structural and miscellaneous steel manufacturing require an expert team to produce a quality job from start to finish. Porter Steel, Inc. has the tools and the talent to make this work. Here is where the ideas began to materialize.


    The CNC drill-line and its skillful operators turn out beams quickly and with precision. Practiced fitters and welders add the sub pieces and complete the assemblies in a timely manner. These same specialists cut, fit and weld structural columns from the start, until they are ready for primer.

    Rail Shop

    Turning out handrails in an efficient way requires knowledge and expertise that Porter Steel, Inc. has and uses fully.

    Stair Fabrication

    Stairs are job-to-job specific designs and this takes a crew that knows how to adapt to fit the new requirements.

    Quality Control

    With a precision team measuring and checking assemblies before leaving the shop, we can certify that the parts fit correctly, so that when erecting the building, there are a minimum of issues.


    Once assembled and loaded on the trucks, it is time for the field crews to take the reins, complete the task of erecting the steel, and bring the idea into reality. A professional attitude and on the spot thinking help Porter Steel, Inc. take the concept, with consideration of the initial design, and fit it to the physical world. Our professionally minded crews show up at each site fully prepared to get the job done. The final product is a structure that the customer and the community will enjoy for years to come.